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An expert in Global Leadership development

Mei-fun Kuang, PhD., A cross-cultural psychologist

Consultancy for Companies

Mei-fun Kuang, PhD., An expert on global leadership

Mei-Fun Kuang, Ph.D., an expert on global leadership development, multinational team facilitation, and cultural integration, has extensive experiences as a consultant of leadership and human resources across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US.

Dr. Kuang has lived in China, Finland, France, Japan, Taiwan and UK, and now is based in Denmark.

As director of assessment services for Korn Ferry Asia Pacific over six years, Dr. Kuang’s focus addresses on executive selection, benchmarking, onboarding, high potential talent strategy, and top team development. 

Prior to Korn Ferry, Dr. Kuang led a mental health services company belonged to ASO Group in Japan, a business group established over one hundred and forty years ago. She has also conducted marketing and public relations campaigns for several Internet companies based in Taiwan.

Dr. Kuang is a licensed clinical psychologist registered in both Japan and Taiwan, also authorized as Psykologist in Denmark. She has translated dozens of psychology books from English and Japanese to Chinese.

She earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Kyushu University Japan, a master’s degree in social and organizational psychology from the London School of Economics, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from National Taiwan University.

What can Mei-fun Kuang, PhD. offer to your company?

  • An outside expert to assess your talent pool
  • Professional interpretation of leadership assessment results
  • An expert to evaluate the high potentiality of your successors
  • A third opinion of critical hiring decision regarding leadership and learning agility
  • Help to onboard your executives in Asia and Asian environment
  • Leadership coaching by the professional outsider
  • Mental health assessment and help for your employees
  • Cross-cultural team building
  • Mental health and stress management workshop

Dr. Kuang specialises in the following areas