consultancy for companies

Global leadership consulting is a key to cross-cultural development

As a professional company consultant, I can help your company with improving leadership, talent management and employee mental health.

Consultancy for Companies with Global and Cross-Cultural Ambitions

Companies today are facing constantly evolving leadership development theories and strategies. Companies working internationally are challenged by frequent cross-cultural processes that have to be integrated into the working processes on all levels. Most serious and ambitious multinational companies use external support for improving intercultural sensitivity, communication, and cooperation. Consulting is an efficient tool, whether your company needs a long-term plan for an organization or a single session or workshop.

Development of Professional and Personal Skills to Reach the Company’s Goals

I combine my business and psychological knowledge in order to strengthen both the professional and personal skills of CEOs, executives, and managers. With a focus on Global Leadership Development, Employee Mental Health and Talent Management, I provide dedicated and result-oriented consulting for companies of all sizes. My dedicated global leadership consulting practice provides decision-makers a line of useful cross-continental, psychological and leadership skills needed to make more sustainable decisions and reach goals. At the same time, I focus on cultural and emotional intelligence at work, which results in more effective processes and better results.

An Expert in Global Leadership, Multinational Team Facilitation and Cultural Integration

I have extensive experiences as a consultant of leadership assessment and development across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US. As director of assessment services for Korn Ferry Asia Pacific over six years, I have been responsible for processes connected to the executive selection, benchmarking, onboarding, high potential talent strategy, and top team development. At the same time, I’m a licensed clinical Ph.D. psychologist registered in Japan and Taiwan, and I am also authorized as a psychologist in Denmark.

What can Mei-fun Kuang, PhD. offer to your company?

My consultancy can be a one-to-one session with a CEO of the company or a workshop session for a selected group of employees. Company consulting is exhibited in multiple ways. It can be a service developed for maintaining and strengthening processes already in the company, or it can be a service that provides tools to face new challenges. Sometimes, one in-depth dialog-based session can be enough, and other times, there is a need for several interventions.

My global leadership consulting is a tailored strategic plan that I develop in dialog with my client from the initial meeting, where I’m usually introduced to the specific situation and task. Regular follow-ups and monitoring will decide the development of the consultancy process.

What can a company consultant help with?

  • Cross-cultural leadership assessment and development
  • Successors assessment and evaluation
  • Interpretation of assessment results
  • Competency modeling
  • Cross-cultural team building
  • Talent management
  • Onboarding of executives in Asia
  • Mental health assessment
  • Stress management workshops


Talent Management

Company consulting can help with assessment of a talent pool and talent management, especially in critical hiring decision processes regarding leadership and learning agility.

Global Leadership

Leading in a multinational context is a challenging process. Good global leadership requires regular professional support, focusing on cultural sensitivity and professional know-how on both personal and team levels.

Employee Mental Health

Mental well-being, emotional balance and cultural sensitivity at the workplace are some of the more significant aspects necessary for reaching a good employee mental health level. Personal well-being is often directly reflected in positive company results.