Expats and Family

Being an Expats and an Expat Family member

As business goes global, more organizations recognize that it’s in their economic interest to thoroughly prepare and support employees on international assignments. That’s where psychology comes in. (Monitor Magazine, 2001)

In this global world, we live across the borders of countries virtually far more than any of our ancestors ever in human history. We might drink a freshly squeezed juice from Spain with a mug cup from China while we watch a Youtube video from Africa and ready to have a Skype conference with the colleagues from United States, Eastern Europe, and Indonesia in another 20 minutes, no matter where you are from and your home is.  

However, to live and work physically in a foreign country would be another issue your and your family. You might have the excitement to accept the first one or even the multiple times of overseas assignment, but all of a sudden find yourself or your family feeling incompetent, socially isolated, and early signs of depression.

When I wanted to answer such a simple question by this new foreign language, I felt so incompetent, almost like a person never learned any social skills nor common sense. I thought it is not like me, but how could I tell them this is not me whom they see now…

To be prepared and aware of the mental health issues faced by expats and the family is an important and crucial point for global talents to be successful in work and life nowadays.

How can I help you?

Being an experienced psychologist with personal living and working experiences in Taiwan, Finland, UK, France, Japan, China and Denmark; I have worked with international talents around Asia, Europe, and the United States.

I use professional psychological approach and person understanding as being an expat to help you to understand the situation, find the coping strategy and grow toward your actualization in work and life.

To be successful in all the practical assignments might an essential goal in career path, but maybe more important is to use this chance in life to review yourself and see if you want to grow out from all these.

You can get psychological advice and help about

  • I feel fatigue and frustrated about my work in this foreign land but have no one to really talk about it
  • I want to understand the local people more but there seems an unseen wall between us
  • My partner could not find a job here and looks more and more unhappy day by day  
  • I just want to relax and watch youtube from hometown after work, is it ok ?
  • They do not know me. How can I make friends with them.
  • Shall I resign this international assignment and go home?