Coaching for executives

Are you an executive with ambitious goals in both work and life?

My executive coaching consultancy can provide the necessary tools and support for your success.

Executive coaching consultancy

A lot is expected from executives today. Leading a team with motivation and cultural sensibility, while managing the financial milestones and business goals of one or more companies, is a demanding task. Executives therefore benefit greatly from external support. An executive coach can provide that support while helping you to view any problems with a new perspective.

With bespoke leadership coaching tailored to your needs, focusing on all aspects of leadership, it is possible to deliver measurable business and personal results.

As a psychologist, I have worked as leadership consultant in an international firm and psychotherapist in clinical setting

I have more than 12 years’ experience helping international executives with leadership assessment, leadership development, stress management, expat family issues, analysis of psychology, mental health improvement and empathy training.

My years of training and hands on experience with coaching are supported with a PhD degree and credentials as licensed clinical psychologist in Denmark and internationally.

With psychological theory I can help you understand yourself better and identify the strengths and weakness in your leadership competencies

My coaching uses scientific methods and multinational cultural insights to help executives to assess their leadership and personality profiles, create an individualised plan and kick off the personal development. Furthermore, by using a psychoanalytical approach I can gradually look into your ‘shadow side’ or unconscious mind in order to understand your emotion patterns.

The typical procedure would start out with an initial meeting. This can be done online regardless of your physical location. During our conversation I will listen to your individual as well as business needs and help you define your goals. I will then support you in the process of reaching these objectives. My aim is to make you self-sufficient to continue the development after the coaching finishes.

What is executive coaching?

Coaching is typically a one-on-one engagement between an executive leader and a professional coach.

The sessions are conversation based and supported with different methodological and strategic tools tailored to fit the executive profile and his/her goals.

The executive leadership executive development coaching results in a more effective working performance as well as healthier emotional patterns based on less stress and a better work-life balance. Coaching has become more commonly used in leadership development at all levels.

What will an executive coach help with?

  • Developing leadership competencies
  • Enhancing multicultural sensitivity in order to be a leader in different cultures (for example, China and Japan)
  • Practice of communication skills



1) Executive development of leadership skills

If you are an executive today, it means you have already had a fabulous work performance. Only those with the best results can climb to the top of career ladders now-a-days. Yet, being an executive not only requires a great vision, the ability to meet targets and deliver outstanding results, alongside a good team. It also requires the ability to constantly cultivate, empower and stimulate both the people you’re working with and the working processes.

As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here, won’t bring you there.” Keeping up positive development while climbing higher in a position can be a challenge. Leadership is a complex skill. In order to have a strong presence and successful executive development, it is necessary as an executive to equip yourself with competences such as emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity.

Through personal coaching, I can help you address the challenges in your career and assist you in developing the necessary skills in a targeted way. Through our sessions you will gain clarity about the working process, learn how to improve coping skills and increase your resilience in order to keep developing throughout the process.

2) Executive coaching consultancy can help managing change

Naturally we all have the tendency to resist change which makes navigating the change process difficult. However, changing work environments is very common in an executive’s career—be it a change of position, responsibility area, structural change in the company or expatriation to a culturally new working environment.

While you move to a new role with broader responsibility, and a larger team in a foreign realm, you might find that none of your old experiences can help you out. Even a skilled executive from Europe can fail in Asia, for example, due to culture misalignments and a lack of understanding of cultural nuances or traditions in a new country.

In my sessions I focus on skills, knowledge, strategies and tools for attending the human side of change. I will help you define what knowledge and experience you need in order to achieve new patterns of action, think differently and better adapt to a new context. All with the aim of helping you to successfully navigate the change process.

3) Achieving business goals and visible results with tailored leadership coaching

Reaching goals and milestones is part of an everyday routine for most executives wishing to propel themselves further faster. But often, despite the hard work, executives feel stocked with an ineffective team and stalled business results.

Leadership coaching helps define the strategies to reach short- and long-term goals while at the same time providing the right mental support. This results in visible results such as increased productivity, financial performance and business accomplishments. Executive coaching consultancy can thus be a good support for effective leadership demonstrated clearly in the return on investment (ROI).

4) Increasing quality of life with an executive coach

Maintaining a good work-life balance is probably one of the most difficult tasks for career driven individuals. Stress, lack of self-care and poor family relationships are only some of the most common problems modern executives are facing.

Initiating a coaching session can be a good way to start developing a greater self-awareness and fulfilment. My coaching is focused on bringing your professional and private life in balance which results in greater well-being and a boost in energy.