Support Group

Group Centered Approach

Among different approaches of psychotherapy, group centered approach is one option. Empirical works have supported the notion that group work is just as effective as individual therapy. In the meantime, group centered approach can offer a social networking to meet people with similar issue and learn the very important idea that you are not alone struggling with this.  You can also practice to communicate to people discussing your own feeling and issue with the help of psychologist.

Group centered approach is powerful, dynamic, and effective as an intervention that provides clients with opportunities to address numerous concerns, including relationships, depression, anxiety, family issues, career issues, and other life experiences.(Conyne, 1997) Nowadays, group centered approach is still one of the most used psychotherapy approach to help people to cope with many psychological issues.

Being a group psychologist

I have started to learn and clinically practiced group therapy from 2002 in Japan.  Over 16 years across various countries, I have facilitated groups regarding sexual minority, foreigner mothers, foreign students, expats family, college students, business talents by structured and non structured group approach.   

To facilitate a group is not a easy job but it is always amazed to see how people share themselves and support each other in such a beautiful way showing the power of human being.  

What you can expect from a support group?

  • To know that you are not alone
  • To have your own place to be yourself and share your thoughts
  • To help people with similar issue
  • To know how the psychologist say
  • To own your personal space outside daily life