About Mei-Fun Kuang, PhD. and clinical psychologist

Always curious about the world

About Mei-Fun Kuang, PhD.

An explorer of psyche, life and the world

I am always so curious about the world. The reason I chose Economics as my undergraduate major was because I wanted to understand how the world is functioning in a practical way. Been four years immersed in demand and supply graphs, there had been a big question in my head: is it true that everyone would follow the ‘rational’ principle and make the ‘correct’ decision? This doubt led me to the world of psychology until today.

I started from Social and Organizational psychology in order to understand how people behave within a group and as a group. Along with the study, I found myself more interested in why an individual would behave in such way and how to change and develop in the modern world. This is why I have finally landed in the field of clinical psychology and leadership development.


To develop the capacity to live with the crossroad

Along with the path in life, we might amazingly find out that I am not the person I thought I was or used to be. Unexperienced emotional status, the unexpected reaction by myself, feedback about me from people around, unexplained dreams and etc, these are all the signs that you are facing a crossroad in life and it is the time to look into yourself, your ego and psyche.

People have experienced diversified cultures every day. You might have grown up in one culture, educated in another culture and now live in a totally new city. The ability to ground yourself in front of all the cultures and influences is not only important for the mental health but crucial to your self-development.

To have leadership in this global business world is an ability you can learn and develop a scientific approach. Leadership is a science which you have to know and practice on the job. Start from the first step to understand yourself, your motivation and your own inner value.

Sexuality is as natural as biological needs for water and food. However, it is also so difficult to explain as the ultimate mystery of human desire. Being LGBTQ in the modern world is not a taboo anymore, but stigma and stress are still common in the community. Professional psychological support and community network are very important for the mental health of LGBTQ people. Read more about therapy for LGBTQ and relatives.