Stress Management

Feeling stressed every day is not a news for any executive, but do you know how harmful it could be to your health if you do not manage it?

Stress can contribute to health problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, and skin conditions. Stress may also influence cognitive processes because it is associated with elevated levels of cortisol, a hormone that can influence brain functioning. Stress selectively impaired memory for reactivated items (Hupbach and Dorskind, 2014, Behavioral Neuroscience)

What is stress exactly?

Stress is a natural reaction certain situations and events. We do not have to live a stress-free life, which is not possible nor necessary. But feeling stressed is not a trophy nor a stigma in your career life, it is a reaction you need to recognize and manage. Your own stress could also affect your spouse and your family. To manage your stress would be an important investment for yourself, your career and your beloved family.

What you can benefit from consulting about your stress

  • Understand how you stress and why you feel stressed
  • Learn how to cope with the stresses in your own customized way
  • Identity the harmful signs of too much stress of yourself and people around you
  • Learn how to manage stress for yourself, your team and your family
  • To live with the stress, not to be ruled by the stress

It is the time to have an executive coach to talk about your stress management when

  • Feeling fatigued and anxious for a long time
  • Feeling so stressed about so many things at work and life
  • Irritated and annoyed so easily recently
  • Many things going on at my plate
  • Wonder if talking to a psychologist would do any help
  • I behave not like me recently
  • I feel stressed for so long, so what?
  • People around me tell me to take psychological counseling, well