Global Leadership

I attended all my employees’ weddings, even though it was in a very far away place, even though I had to fly a few hours & then drive a couple of hours to get there.

Even I have not had any chance to know these employees myself, I still insisted to attend their weddings, as long as I received the invitations.

Because I know that the attendance of the foreigner big boss in the wedding means extremely a lot to my employees and their family. It means Face to them. It means that they have done very well and earned respect in the big city and in this big company …. This is how I earn the heart of my employees in China.

Cross Cultural leadership

To be a leader in the globalized business world means that you have to live with diversified cultures in daily life. What you consider as common sense has become the least common thing in your life.

Leadership consultants and HR people keep talking about inclusion and diversity, but how can you ground yourself and still have believed in yourself during such cross-cultural storm?

Cross cultural leadership in Asia

Wedding, in many countries, would be a family-oriented event of life. It could be very personal, romantic or cozy, but may not be social and entertainment.

However, in China, for example, it is an important social gathering for not only the newly married but the parents. Yes, the parents. Because the parents have been attended so many weddings in their social and professional network for years and now it is the time for them to invite all the people who have received the accountable large amount of monetary gift and earn the money back. It is rather an important event for the parents and the whole family to connect with society emotionally and financially.

If you understand the cultural meaning and agree with it at a certain level, you will find wedding, would be the best chance to show your leadership in a personal level to your employees.

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When do you need to have a cross-cultural coaching?

  • You are planning to work in Asia and would like to be psychologically prepared
  • You have felt difficulty in underusing Asian cultures
  • You want to know more about Asian business cultures and their psychology
  • You are leading a diversified team and people do not seem to talk to each other
  • You want to break the ice of this multicultural project
  • You will cover the Asian market for the first time
  • You want to learn how to do inclusion and diversity
To appreciate the diversity is not only a mindset but a lifestyle to learn and practice