Leadership Development

“There is the work of great men and there is the work of little men. Therefore it is said, ‘Some labor with their minds and some labor with their strength. Those who labor with their minds govern others; those who labor with their strength are governed by others. Those who are governed by others support them; those who govern them are supported by them. This is a universal principle.”  — Mencius

Preparing for leadership

As long as we work with other people and belong to one organization, we have to face the issue of leadership. We have our own leaders we have to manage and at the same time, we ourselves are the leaders of people and projects.

However, leadership is not a gift to born with. Leadership is a lifelong process to learn and practice. While you climb the ladders of the level and responsibility in the organization, of course, you have to prepare yourself for the bigger picture, larger team, and continually unknown challenge.

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Developing leadership competencies

Leadership competencies are various among a successful supervisor, manager, director, vice president and C-Suite executives. A good supervisor needs to deliver result in a daily or weekly base, so the most important competency for this role would be ¨Focus On Action¨ and ¨Dealing with Trouble.

But an executive has to handle the complexed setting and lead the whole organization to a new level, the crucial competencies might become ¨ Innovation Management¨ and ¨Flexibility¨.

None of the leadership competencies could be learned just by heart. You need to practice and create your own way to own these competencies. It might look like one mysterious spiritual mind changing, actually, it does not have to.

In order to prepare yourself for the next phase with leadership development, you could use scientific assessment and professional coaching to help you to plan and focus on the most needed competencies to start with.

Who should take executive coaching ➝

Are you ready for..
  • The next role in your career?
  • Learning new leadership competencies?
  • Accepting what your leadership assessment and 360 feedback telling you?
  • Being a leader for the new challenge?
  • Looking at your areas needed to be developed?
What you can expect from leadership development coaching?
  • To look into your own leadership profile and have better self awareness of your own strengths and weakness
  • To plan your customized development plan and start with it
  • To realize your own personality traits and learn how to live more peacefully and successful with them
  • To know your own complexes in dealing with people, power, and family
  • To learn how to communicate better with your team and be more empathic