Employee Mental Health

Dr. Kuang, An expert on global leadership

Mental health conditions are the No. 1 health-related reason for lost productivity at work and No. 2 for absenteeism, according to a recent survey of large companies by the nonprofit Institute of Health and Productivity Management (IHPM).The employers reported that organizational culture was the most important factor affecting individual employees’ work performance, followed by employee health.

Guangzhou office has been one of the most successful offices in Asia. The revenue had kept growing for the past few years until last year. All of sudden, the financial numbers have been stagnated and people have started to leave. The atmosphere seems down and people look depressed. We want to know what happened and how to help them. But ………. Where shall we start?

To provide a psychologically healthy workplace is to promoting employee well-being and organizational performance, which is not only a social responsibility but a critical factor in business success. However, when it turns into an international plan, it would be difficult to make decisions regarding the local regulations, psychological dynamics, local common sense, stress level and internal mental health policy.

What can you benefit from a mental health psychologist knows both Asian and European working culture?

  • Insights of the psychology and leadership in Asia, especially Japan and China.
  • More than 10 years of professional consulting experiences for international companies in Asia.
  • Customized plan for your company and your company culture.

What can you do to promote the employee mental health internationally?

  • Using international recognized assessment tools to evaluate your employees’ stress level and mental health status. Then you can have a better picture of the distribution of mental health in your organization based on an international benchmark.
  • Evaluate your company culture, local office culture, and employees’ internal drivers to see how they fit with each other. To have a similar value system with the company would enforce the mental health, happiness and work performance of the employees.
  • Provide innovative psychology workshop for employees and managers to create their own plan to manage stress and promote mental health.
  • Have in-house or contract psychologist to offer professional support.