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Mei-Fun Kuang, PhD. is a clinical psychologist, a Jungian analyst and an expert on global leadership development

Psychotherapy with Jungian psychoanalytical approach, coaching and advisory services for both private clients and companies

Being a clinical psychologist, a Jungian analyst and an expert on global leadership development, I provide psychologist services for private clients, coaching for executives and consultancy for companies.

By combining different methods within individual and business psychology I’m able to tailor the most suitable and effective solution for each client. With my professionally rich and diverse profile I can guide you through challenges in your personal life or at work.

Working with global leadership and personal development across continents

Our world is becoming increasingly globalised, dominated by multinational companies, and individuals moving for professional and personal reasons. As a natural result of that development, over the years I have lived and worked between continents.

My knowledge and experience with psychology, cultural integration, as well as global leadership relate to multinational team facilitation and human resources across the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. Global leaders, executive expats and individuals with international profiles are often my clients thus I provide consultancy in English as well as in Chinese and Japanese.

In touch with clients in Copenhagen and overseas

Establishing a good dialogue from the start is the first step towards good therapy, coaching or consultancy. You can easily request a preliminary meeting by phone or Zoom without any further commitments. Defining your individual needs and clarifying the unique therapeutic process is the key to successful and long term results.

Once we have agreed on the best approach we can start the sessions either online via Zoom or a face to face consultation in my office in either Copenhagen, Østerbro or Shanghai, China. Furthermore, if coming to you is easier, I am able to conduct sessions or workshops in your company or office space.

Business psychologist Copenhagen and Global leadership consulting

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help you to have a better understanding of yourself and how to develop healthier and more effective lifestyles.

Jungian psychoanalysis

The Jungian analyst is to analyze adult clients in one to one setting -a method Jung called ‘Individuation’. The purpose is to have greater awareness and to become your individualized self.

About Executive Coaching

With executive coaching you will be prepared for challenges by strengthening your leadership competencies, communication and stress management.

“My services range from individual psychotherapy and coaching to business psychology and global leadership consulting. I provide meetings in my Copenhagen office or online sessions in English, Chinese and Japanese.”

Business psychologist with individual approach

Being both an individual and business psychologist permits me to clarify how rational principles related to work respond to the psychological emotional patterns. With adequate coaching and consulting solutions it is possible to create a healthy life-work balance.

My business psychologist tools have helped executives, who are concerned about and wish to strengthen their professional career development, as well as companies who are committed to caring for their employees’ mental health while still growing their business.

My international education and professional profile

I was born in Taiwan and have lived in China, Finland, France, Japan, and the UK. I’m now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology from Kyushu University, Japan as well as a master’s degree in social and organisational psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from National Taiwan University.

During my career I have translated many psychology books from English and Japanese to Chinese. Today I’m a licensed clinical psychologist registered in Denmark, Japan and Taiwan. For more information please see my Curriculum Vitae.